Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop with a Professional Model (1-on-1)


Duration: 3 hrs.
Level: Beginner
Location: Brisbane City



Would you like to learn the art of shooting professional natural light portraits? Then this workshop is perfectly designed for you. Come and join us for an exciting outdoor natural light portrait photography workshop with a professional model. By attending this workshop you’ll learn how to take great outdoor portraits in natural sunlight. We will show you how to expose, compose, light and pose your subjects for great location portraits!


We’ll start with an introduction to portrait photography, the basics of using natural light and discuss the creative tools and techniques. You’ll learn essential skills for controlling manual exposure and about the necessary equipment required for shooting, composing and lining up the perfect shots. This workshop is divided in 2 parts, the first hour is theory and they the remaining two hrs. would be a practical shooting exercise. It is delivered in a seminar format where we will demonstrate as we shoot, we would be sharing our camera settings so even you can tune your camera and get similar shots.

MODEL FOR THE SHOOT: We would be hiring a professional model from an established agency. If you are keen, we can even provide you an opportunity to chose one of the available models for the shoot. Please note – the workshop price includes the model’s booking fee for 2 hrs.


• Setting up your camera for natural light portraits.
• What camera modes to use.
• What impact do different lenses have on portraiture?
• Posing and directing your subject.
• How to exposure for natural light shots.
• Composition techniques.
• How to make the best use of foreground and background lighting.


• A camera that allows you to shoot in Manual mode.
• A lens (recommended tele-photo zoom 55mm or greater).
• Extra batteries and memory cards.
• A notebook and pen, if you wish to take notes.
• Bring your happiness and positivity.
• Be ready and willing to learn and grow your photography skills.


One-to-One tuition allows for a more personalised approach to learning and can be tailored to suit your specific needs, interests and skill level. These sessions are delivered to you as an individual rather than a group. Whether you are a complete novice or wanting to learn more advanced techniques, we can help you to understand the basics, answer your questions and spend valuable time guiding you as you take photos and advise you on the results. A major advantage of our one-on-one training is that, it offers the perfect platform for raising queries that you have been seeking answers for and are unable to find researching online or watching videos. Its like having your own personal trainer that caters to your taste and instantly answers all your questions. These sessions are conducted at our office/event space in Brisbane City buy for convenience our tutors can even come to your home, place of business or a location of your choice (Brisbane area only).


If you have a friend who would like to participate, we offer 2-on-1 workshops for additional $150. 2-on-1 workshops are great for personalised learning as there is still plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and learn on an individual level, while sharing the cost of the workshop with another participant. If you would like to book in as a 2-on-1 for this workshop, please even add the recommended product “+1 participant” to your cart.

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3 hrs.




Brisbane City